Social Responsibility

Park Place understands its responsibility to give back to its neighbors, locally and globally.

Our Community Commitment

Park Place’s charitable giving initiative focuses globally on STEM education, disaster relief and volunteering for local charities. Our Charitable Giving committee brings employees together to support charitable causes of their choice. The committee has run Red Cross Blood Drives, food drives to local food banks, donations for hurricane relief, volunteer programs at local schools, 和更多的.

多样性 & Inclusion Philosophy

维, the Park Place 多样性, Equity and Inclusion program, ensures our culture respects all visible and invisible differences to create an equitable, 健康的, and high-performing organization in which all individuals feel valued and their contributions are appreciated. Ongoing training, mentoring and recruitment are all addressed by the 维 programs.

STEM Programming

As leaders in the technology industry, Park Place Technologies has an obligation to promote STEM to young women and girls who make up the potential next generation of leaders in the field. It’s time for our ideals and recruitment policies to diversify and evolve. It’s our responsibility to ensure continued action invigorates changing perception which, 因此, will work towards correcting the diversity imbalance.

访问 UK Gender Pay Gap Report for 2022 here.


A Volunteer led community committed to showcasing the power of Science, 技术, Engineering and Math to female secondary school students. Park Place collaborates with IWISH on an intern initiative in Ireland aimed at female college students studying STEM-related subjects, who want to gain experience in these industries.

Breakthrough Schools

Breakthrough Schools is a local charter school in the United States. Our donations to these schools goes towards classroom development and scholarships. We also have opportunities to volunteer at the local Breakthrough Schools by mentoring students.


CoderDojo is a global movement of free, volunteer-led, community-based computer programming clubs for young people. Park Place provides laptops, volunteers and programming resources.